Microsoft Azure Development

An Open & Flexible Cloud Platform

Bringing the Raw Power of Microsoft Azure to businesses across the Globe

We are well-versed in bringing advanced Microsoft Azure solutions to life. There is no doubt that a cloud computing service like Microsoft Azure will help your business achieve its goals, but for that to happen you have to work with a team of highly trained Microsoft Azure application developers – You have to work with Technostacks.

Microsoft’s Azure is a conglomeration of cloud technologies which are bundled to offer specific sets of services to application developers. Microsoft’s services are versatile, run on a dependable OS and facilitate developers to build applications that seamlessly run on their remote datacenters.

With the powerful and large servers setup under Azure, organizations can move a large portion of their IT infrastructure to the cloud, which gives them the ability to scale their IT services on demand and gives them the much needed flexibility to move to more advanced app solutions if and when needed. Whether it’s digital marketing solutions, line of business applications, ERP solutions or more, Technostacks can help you build the right business solution backed by Microsoft Azure.

Why Technostacks for Microsoft Azure Development Services?

  • Our dedicated team of Microsoft Azure application developers has proven years of experience in developing and testing Azure backed applications.
  • We excel in all major components including Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Container Services and more.
  • We have helped hundreds of clients deploy cloud based applications on both desktop and smartphones that delivered a competitive edge and increased business profitability.
  • The entire development process is carried out in a transparent method, providing our clients the information they need and keeping them updated at all times.
  • Our teams work towards achieving project objectives within the pre-determined budget and are committed to strict deadlines. No delays at all
  • We provide 24/7 support, throughout the year and our applications receive timely updates to stay secure, offer optimal experience for your customers.

If you are looking to tap into the power of cloud and cloud-based applications powered by Microsoft Azure and its various components, let Technostacks do it for you.

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